Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island was much more than either of us expected. We took the 9:30 Ferry to the Island (takes about 17 minutes) and the ride was fun. Some background on the island, the only cars allowed on the island is a utility vehicle, ambulance and fire truck. Instead of the motorized vehicles there are over 600 horses on the Island. Golf carts are available on the golf course, but can not be taken off the course. As we arrived at the pier a local version of a limousine was at the dock to pick up passengers for the Grand Hotel (the most prestigious hotel on the island). We opted to take a three hour tour of the island on a horse drawn trolley and inspite of some light rain and looking into the rear end of our engine we absolutely enjoyed the trip around the island and the drivers of the trolleys we were on. Bicycles and horses were everywhere and you could rent either by the hour. After the trolley ride we walked around the quaint downtown and went into several stores looking for souvenirs’ which Judy finally found what she wanted. After taking the ferry back we headed for Frankenmuth. After a three hour drive we checked into our hotel and headed to the Bavarian Inn (a German restaurant) where we had their world famous fried chicken and we ate until we were stuffed. Well, this week we have had Swedish pancakes and German chicken, not sure what we will have next. Tomorrow we will explore the shops in Frankenmuth and then on to Dearborn and the Henry Ford Museum.

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