Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LBJ Presidential Library

Well, today was an interesting day, Judy and I did something we have never done before, we visited a Presidential Library, in the case the Lyndon Johnson Presidential museum in Austin, Texas. What a great experience it turned out to be, there were lots of move clips and behind the scenes conversations that had been recorded and now listenable, as well as thousands of pictures of both LBJ and Lady Bird. We spend several hours there before we headed to San Antonio. We got a call from Charlie (one of the friends we visited in Houston) reminding us that we should go to the bridge in Austin where all the bats (hundreds of thousands) come out at night, after thanking her for the tip, we explained we were already on our way to San Antonio and would have to do that on another trip. We did get down to the River walk after we checked into the hotel and had some great Mexican food, but more about that tomorrow. Tomorrow, more River Walk and the Alamo.

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