Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Texas, Day One

Well, today was our first day in Texas and we realized just how long it would take if we just went across on highway 10. When we entered Texas the mile marker said 881 miles to the next state line, whew, that’s a long way. We breezed thru the balance of Louisiana and headed towards the San Jacinto monument outside of Houston. The monument is the largest memorial monument in the world (571 ft) and is set at the area where Texas won its last battle with Mexico for its independence. We also stopped at the Battleship Texas that was at the same site. Then we took a small ferry that has been running for years to get back to the proper highway. The ferry carries only twelve cars and made Judy a little scared, I guess there will be no more small ferries on this trip. We then headed north of Houston to visit with some friends that we had met on a cruise this spring. It was nice to see Ben and Charlie again and to take a tour of their extremely lovely home on the lake there. After a good Mexican dinner we bid them goodbye and headed for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow, Austin.

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