Monday, June 15, 2009

Yosemite National Park

What a fantastic day today was. We left Weston, Paige and Eric’s at 8 am this morning and headed to Yosemite. When we lived in California we used to visit Yosemite a lot, but this was our first visit in almost ten years but it was just as fantastic as we remembered. Even for a Monday, it was real busy and was very difficult to find a place to park in the Village. We finally gave up and had cookies for lunch that Paige had sent along. After all the beautiful waterfalls, we tried to remember where inspiration point was ( a place Judy said that we visited every time we went to Yosemite) and we finally found it and had to backtrack to get there, but it was even more breathtaking then we remembered. After passing thru Tioga pass (elevation 9555 ft.) we worked our way past Mono Lake and into Carson City where we are spending the night. Tomorrow we head towards Yellowstone.

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