Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Alamo and River Walk

What a nice day it was, first we visited the Alamo and I think the thing that both of us found interesting was just how small it was. Some of the original compound still stands in its original state. The church was a prime example of this. The barracks were rebuilt to the original but it is easy to tell they are basically much newer. We found the displays and the talks most interesting. Later today we again walked down to the River Walk and took a boat ride along the complete thing and listened to a commentary about it. Never knew that the original River Walk was a WPA project during the depression of the thirties and of course they have been updating it ever since. Along the walk are wonderful restaurants of all kinds, but we chose to go back to the same Mexican restaurant that we went to last night and again the food was wonderful. Of course maybe the margarita made it all taste good. We would sure recommend the River Walk to everyone if they are ever in this area. Tomorrow will be a long day because we will be driving all the way to El Paso.

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