Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yellowstone and Wyoming

Today was a fun and long day. We left West Yellowstone, Mt early and planned on getting to Old Faithful early in the morning. The morning was beautiful so we took several turnouts and saw some of the interesting caldrons and different places along the way. We got a great picture of an eagle in her nest on the way as well. By the time we arrived at Old Faithful and walked to the viewing area supposedly on time for the eruption, it was just ending, Old Faithful had gone off ten minutes earlier than they projected (they always say the projected time is plus or minus ten minutes) so we had to wait another 90 minutes another eruption, but it was worth the wait and because of the beautiful morning it was, it was extremely beautiful. We started toward the east exit of Yellowstone driving towards Cody, Wyoming and seen many wonderful sights along the way. Upon leaving the park we decided that we had time to drive all the way to Spearfish, SD and the drive was outstanding, even though we had taken the drive before years ago we didn’t remember just how beautiful it was. Along the way we seen hundreds of antelopes, went over extremely high passes (9000 ft.) laughed a lot and finally arrived in Spearfish about 8PM. Tomorrow, Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood and then into Rapid City.

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