Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, Judy had added Tombstone, AZ to our trip right before we left, and are we happy she did. We found Tombstone to be interesting, historical fascinating, and very well presented. We bought tickets for $9 that got us into a half hour show about Tombstone, into the OK Corral museum, a couple of newspapers from the day of the shootout and the best part a re-creation of the shootout. The re-creation was a little campy and funny but we found it very interesting. A couple of the Actors were especially entertaining (Virgil Earp and Doc Holiday) and we enjoyed the presentation a lot. We had lunch in a cantina with waitresses falling out of the tops of their dresses as they portrayed ladies of the time. We had a wonderful day here and would surely recommend Tombstone to anyone traveling in the area, it was an inexpensive day (heck, we had $2 margaritas) and a lot of fun. And, oh yes, we seen a road runner, but the dang thing was so quick we couldn’t get a picture. Tomorrow, Sedonna.

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