Monday, June 22, 2009

Mt Rushmore and Custer State Park

Today was another interesting day. Early this morning we headed to Mount Rushmore. It has been over twenty years since we have been to Mount Rushmore and the viewing area has received a lot of upgrades including an elevator (thank goodness) to the lower viewing area. There are now two theatre rooms and a new museum and we really enjoyed all the new features along with the wonderfully sunny day to do the viewing. After Mount Rushmore we headed to Custer Park and did the wildlife loop around the outside and seen mountain goats, antelope, deer and buffalo and of course at two locations the begging donkeys. I have no idea how it started but in a couple of locations in Custer State Park there are groups of donkeys that come up to cars and stick their heads into cars begging for something to eat, we kept our windows closed. The roads in the Black Hills are filled with switchbacks and one car tunnels; thank goodness Judy did all the driving today. Tomorrow we are off to Jodi’s and it will be a long day but we are looking forward to seeing Jodi, Mark, Nicole and Christina.

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