Saturday, June 27, 2009

Door County

Well today we went from lighthouses, to wineries and to a restaurant with goats on the roof. Door County has been an interesting adventure. We started out by heading to our first lighthouse on the south east coast; using Jill (our GPS) we were able to find it easily. It was inside a state park so a day fee was necessary and when I went to the office to get it I almost threw up from the smell. We later found out it was a combination of bird droppings and kelp and what a smell it was, it seemed to hang out in the nose all day long. Thank goodness the rest of the day found us without the smell. We visited several lighthouses and ran into a big detour because of a parade in one of the small towns. For lunch we stopped at Al Johnson's Restaurant because we were told it had goats on the roof and low and behold it did and inside was a good Swedish restaurant where we both had Swedish pancakes, mine with strawberries and Judy’s with Swedish Meatballs. We then visited a couple of wineries in the rain, neither of which we thought were especially good, I guess it is tough to get used to cherry wine, it has a definite different taste. We will leave Door County in the morning having had a good time but definitely missing the wonderful Brownies with Ice Cream and Hot fudge that we had at Jodi and Marks: We had a great time there and talked of them often today.

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