Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well today was a shopping day in Frankenmuth. First, Frankenmuth is a very unique and quaint Bavarian town. Most of the town buildings are what one would expect with a visit to a small town in Germany. One of the shops we visited was Bonners Christmas Store, billed as the largest Christmas store in the world. Well, we have not been to enough Christmas stores to make a decision about this one, however when you enter the store they give you a map so you don’t get lost. The place is huge and we roamed around in it for at least two hours. Then we went to a couple of other shops and of course I found an ice cream. Finally we were on our way to Dearborn and the Henry Ford Museum. Along the way we stopped and had lunch at a Panera Bread in honor of our Grandson Matt on his birthday (Matt works at one). We had visited the Henry Ford Museum website and found that they had agreements with several hotels to offer tickets with a stay and we wound up staying at a Comfort Inn and saved over thirty dollars on our entrance to the museum and village. Tomorrow we will have a long day at the museum and then head for home, hoping to be there on Friday.

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  1. I love going to Frankenmuth. It is such a lovable small town. I enjoy taking the family to the water park at the Bavarian Inn